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Hyperlite Formula Wakeboarding Boots - 2019

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Hyperlite Formula Wakeboard Boots 2019

Brand new for 2019, this boot has been specifically designed to keep your feet happy all day! The boot contains a dual density footbed, which combines a top layer of EVA to ensure superior comfort whilst the denser bottom layer effectively absorbs impact from jumps and grinds. Hyperlite have installed a 3-part Velcro closure system, removing the hassle of lace bindings which guarantees easy access into the boot. Delivering a snug and comfortable but secure fit around your foot, this also allows for multiple foot sizes if you are sharing with family or friends.

The 6” universal mounting spread means it can be used on any modern wakeboard with ease. Hyperlite have reworked the plate system, reducing the overall volume by 16% creating a much lighter boot! This rework on the footbed and plate system keeps the rider closer to the board – ensuring maximum control and responsiveness from the board. The stability plates have added flame treated aluminium in order to reduce plate flex and wear. Hyperlite have also reworked the chassis of the binding with additional materials in the strategic areas to increase response rate and reduce heel and toe lift in the boot.

With a flex rating of 3-4 this boot is perfect for beginners pushing to intermediate as it allows for a more forgiving ride without sacrificing responsiveness.

If you’re looking to test your skills at the cable park, this boot will certainly help you reach top form!

Key Features:

• Aluminium Claw Mounting System

• Low Pro Plate System

• Adjustable Floating Toe Design

• Articulating Cuff

• Dual Density Footbed

• 6” Universal Mounting Spread

• Hyperplush Rear Flex Zone

• Quick C inch Lace Zones

• Full velcro Closure

• New Dual Density EVA